Have More Fun:

The Wizard Behind the Curtain

Believe it or not, but there's a lot of stuff going on behind the pretty pictures. In fact, the algorithms used by these quiz apps were developed to teach people languages very quickly. Words (and animals, birds, and fish) can be hard to learn, but with the smart tracking that is going on in the background, it becomes much easier and really fun.

What's Tracking?

The app keeps track of information about every answer that you get right and wrong. Then it looks at what you have learned, and what has been giving you trouble. The stuff you're finding easy will be shown less and less, while the things you need more practice with get shown at strategic timed intervals. This way, you don't waste your time replaying and retesting the stuff you find easy. It becomes both challenging and fun to learn.

Memory Games

So how did all this tracking stuff get mixed up with lions, tigers, and bears -- Oh My! The idea was to take the sophisticated learning algorithms and turn it into something fun. Let's have beautiful pictures to challenge your memory skills while the computer does all that mumbo jumbo in the background. You just keep playing to beat your high score. To get just one more right. And soon... it's 3 AM :) Or that boring bus ride is over!

Jump Right In!

We can't "tell" you how much fun it is to learn about tropical birds, or snakes, or world wonders. You have to try it to see for yourself. Pick one of the things you enjoy from the icons on the left; there's many to choose from. For some it's flowers because they love gardening, for others it seeing all the wondrous locations around the world. But the one common thing about all the apps, they'll keep you entertained and sharpen your memory while the time flies by. Enjoy!